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Meet Kane! The face behind the name of this rescue!


Kane has always loved animals! He's always had an interest in dogs, and for his 2nd birthday he asked for a cat! Every day for 30 days I asked him what he was going to name the cat and everyday he responded "apple kitty" eventually I gave in and we went to a rescue to look at some of the cats. Kane walked right in, picked up this white cat and said "come on apple kitty, let's go home" and that was it! He then not only loved dogs, but he loved cats too!


After being attacked by a dog we were so afraid he would be scared of them, but he proved us wrong, he became more obsessed with animals. We've rescued hundreds of animals, some nicer than others but with every single one he has showed patience and kindness. He has sat on the floor with mama dogs and read them books while they hid behind things because they were so scared given their horrific pasts and waited for them to eventually come sit with him.


He's been jumped on by 80 lbs dogs and scratched up by feral mama kitties, but with each and every animal he continues to show them love and compassion. Kane has a love for animals that I could have never dreamed of. I am so grateful we are able to continue to grow this rescue and save animals so other families are able to get to know these animals outside of a shelter environment. Which gives them a much greater chance of showing their true personalities and finding their forever homes. 

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There are many ways to join us and support our animals. Contact Us to find our more about volunteer opportunities, events and ways that you can get our message to your friends and family.

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