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Adopted in May 2023

"I just wanted to give you a 3 month update on Cinammon (now Peanut). She is the best dog we have ever had! I can’t believe she wasn’t snatched up up sooner and we got so lucky to have been the family to take her. She is loving, happy, playful and confident. We just started obedience classes yesterday and she did great. We are so grateful for your rescue and may be reaching out for a friend for her down the road. Thank you for the opportunity to foster to adopt."

Luna and Bentley

Mama's girl and daddy's boy. We love them both so much its hard to remember a time without them. They've added so much joy and love to all our lives!


Adopted in May of 2022 

July of 2022: Here's what his mama has to say!! 


"Russell is almost 6 months old and loving his forever home! He has a big sister he loves to play with all day long with every toy in the house. When he isn’t playing or going for walks he snuggles up to his mom and dad and has puppy dreams. He’s learned to sit and lay down and is almost house trained. He gets pets and kisses all day every day and is very loved"


Penelope (Penny)
Adopted in September 2021

July of 2022: Here's what her rescuers have to say!!

"Penelope is such an awesome pooch. She is so smart and learned very quickly! She loves swimming and kayaking with us, playing with all the toys and gives us so much love and joy!"


Mia and Eba
Adopted in September 2021

August of 2022

Mia and Eba (formerly Lorelei and Rory) came to our family about ten months ago and they're now a little over a year old.  They're parvo survivors (of the 1% who make it) and they are as healthy as can be.  Mia loves to HUNT in our fenced in backyard and has brought us many treats, including geckos, mice, a former deceased HALF of an opossum, birds and skeletons of we're not sure what.  Eba is a little bit of a tiny troublemaker and LOVES to dig, chase her sister in the backyard and score treats from the neighbor over the fence.  We recently bought them a kiddie pool and they love to track wet feet everywhere. Inside and out.  They are both the most snuggly dogs I've ever met, but their daddies are MORE than okay with that.  They're now 40 lbs. (Mia) and 30 lbs. (Eba) which is the perfect size to lay with us on the sofa and watch TV.  Mia likes Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and Eba likes drama, horror and Lifetime.

Adopted in November 2021

November of 2022: Here's what her rescuer has to say!

1 year ago today I adopted my best friend Harley (Louise) from your foster home!! We had a gotcha day celebration! 

Thanks to you, and your kindness, she is safe loved and UNBELIEVABLY spoiled!

I’ll never forget all you did for her and for me by keeping her safe til we found each other. Thank you always!

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